Please see our portfolio below for some examples of projects that we have undertaken.

Here we show some examples of where we have added value to a property, or site to provide enhanced financial returns on our investments.

Our Latest HMO Project

We are proud to bring our latest multi-let project to Preston City Centre.

It is a 5-bed HMO within walking distance of the city centre, the railway station, the university, the docks, County Hall and several quality gyms.

Purchased at auction at the back end of 2018, it has been refurbished throughout and we have ensured that it now complies with full HMO licensing conditions.

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact us.

Refurbishment/Adding Value

Example 1:

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Shower room.

This is a simple example of how we can create value out of next to nothing!

Here we created a shower room, with sink and toilet by using space from an understairs cupboard, which was next to an unnecessary corridor that linked the hallway to the kitchen.

Previously, this large family home only had a rather small bathroom upstairs.

Example 2:

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Kitchen/Diner Upgrade

Here we see example of what was a very tired, dated and cramped kitchen, with a separate (again cramped) dining room.

By removing a partition wall and updating the kitchen, we have provided a modern and spacious kitchen/diner.

Example 3:

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Toilet Upgrade

In this example, in the picture on the left, this toilet was positioned outside the backdoor, off a corridor that linked the back door to a brick out-house.

As you can see, it had exposed brickwork and no form of heating, making it no better than an old-fashioned outside toilet.

In order to upgrade it and therefore add value to the property, we took the simple measure of moving the back door further down the corridor.

This effectively brought an outside loo inside!

We then used insulated plasterboard, decorated accordingly and added a sink and a radiator to make it into a cosy little downstairs loo, in addition to the bathroom upstairs.

Example 4:

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Utility Room

Here we can see that just off the kitchen, there is a utility room.

Previously, this property did not have a utility room (in fact, this doorway didn’t exist). However, it did have a huge garage adjoining the kitchen.

By taking some space from the garage, we were able to create a spacious utility/boot-room, which had a sink and was plumbed in for a washing machine.

There was also room for a tumble dryer.

As you can see, we co-ordinated the work-surfaces with the kitchen (there is also another behind the door, which can’t be seen on the photo).

This additional room was created using simple stud-partition insulated walls and did not detract from the garage, which still had ample space to park a large car.

Example 5:

Planning Gain

Here is an example of where significant value can be added to a site, without the need for any refurbishment.

Our vision and value here was created from the land adjacent to one of our properties.

By obtaining planning permission for another dwelling on the land, we were able to title split the land from the main property.

We then had the option of building-out the project, or selling the land, with the planning gain, either of which would create significant extra value for the site.

In this particular example, we chose the latter option.